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Middle East Peace Tour


Middle East Peace Tour

Use your wheels for good and help promote peace in the Middle East


Jordan, Palestinien Territories and Israel


Start: Amman

Finish: Jerusalem

Regular Registration 

13-19 degrees

The MEPT is a UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) sanctioned bicycle event in the Middle East, organized with the support of different countries and authorities and open to riders of all levels: armatures and professionals, those who ride for fun and those who ride to win.

The main idea was to create an event promoting peace with the participation of athletes from all countries and entities in the area.

The seven-day stage race will start in Jordan with stage finishes in country capital Amman, the historical city of Petra, and Aqaba at the Red Sea. Afterwards, the MEPT will cross the border to Israel with the starting stages in the popular resort Eilat. The unique Mitzpe Ramon crater is the finish of the longest stage. After along descent the riders will arrive on the Dead Sea. In the ultimate stage the riders will travel through the West Bank from Neve Zohar on the Dead Sea to Jericho the finish of the first half-stage. The second half-stage of the day leaves Jericho and finishes in Jerusalem.

Stages: Stage 1 – 30 km in Amman, stage 2- 53 km in Amman and Petra, stage 3 – 131 km in Petra and Aqaba, stage 4- 151km in Eilat and Mitzpe ramon, stage 5- 136 km in Mitzpe ramon and Neve Zohar, stage 6a- 62km in Neve Zohar and Jericho, stage 6b-38km in Jericho and Jerusalem.

Come and discover the beauty of the most historical places in the middle east and use your wheels to promote peace.



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