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Arad Masada Run


Arad Masada Run

A fantastic run to the sun

A unique half marathon event held throughout the night until sunrise. The Arad Masada Half Marathon is run through stunning scenery of beautiful desert trails and amazing roads revealing fantastic vistas of the surrounding Negev Area. The finish line of the Marathon is at the foot of Mount Masada, The world-famous site of the remains of a magnificent fortress, built in the year 30 BCE by King Herod atop a rock plateau; In the year 2000, readers of Traveler Magazine rated Masada as the best tourist site of its kind in the world, and in 2001, UNESCO declared Masada a World Heritage Site. A visit to Masada is an evocative and thrilling experience – and one which will surely last in your heart and mind. At the end of the race, participants get to witness the magnificent Masada sunrise, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience.

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